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Please click on the following link to view our 2016 – 2017 Children’s Ministry Brochure: churchschoolbrochure2016-2017

We are very fortunate that our Church School provides a warm, dynamic, and welcoming community dedicated to supporting our children in their individual faith journeys.   We are a child centered community in the midst of the larger family of our two churches.

Children grow to view our church as their spiritual home and enjoy taking part in fellowship and learning that is not based in academics, athletic ability, or competition.

We look forward to your child being part of this vibrant community this year.  Please let us know if there is a way we can make Church School a more meaningful experience for your child.  We always welcome your suggestions and your questions.

4th Grade Bible Class (Joint with St. Matthews)bible-clipart

4th graders are invited to join Jami Lewis, Co-Director of Family Ministries, to discuss questions, play games, and discover facts about the bible, which is designed with us in mind!

The class is broken into four- parts which will be held on Sunday’s during worship (in lieu of Church School) on: Sept. 25, Oct. 2, 16, and 23, 2016.  4th graders will attend worship with their families then leave for bible school at approximately 10:15.

The Bible presentation will be during worship Sunday, October 30, 2016.


“Faith is more easily caught than taught”

Wilton Presbyterian Church welcomes, nurtures and incorporates children in our worship and community life.  Children develop a sense of WPC as their church family and home.  They are encouraged to be ushers, greeters and scripture readers.  We have a dynamic Church School program in partnership with St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church for children from infancy through 7th grade.


Every Sunday of the year, children from infancy up to the age of three years old are provided a safe, warm and welcoming environment in the care of our two paid supervisors, Jennifer Harris and Lucia Sato, as well as additional youth volunteers.

Church School

Church School meets during our 10am worship service and provides for both activities-centered learning about the Bible and our Christian faith, and a weekly experience of worship.

Our Church School is a vibrant community of adults and children from both Wilton Presbyterian and St. Matthew’s who come together every Sunday morning to worship, learn, pray, sing, play games, develop a sense of belonging, and explore what it means to be a child of God.  Children in kindergarten through 7th grade begin worship with their families, move to Church School after the children’s sermon, and then return to join their families in worship.  Younger children go directly to their classes at 10 am.

Our Curriculum

All grade levels from 3 year olds through 5th grade use the same curriculum “Gather ‘Round” which teaches the same Bible story to all grade levels each week in ways that are carefully designed to be meaningful, fun and age-appropriate for each grade.  Children are given the opportunity to experience, interpret and explore how New and Old Testament stories relate to their own lives as they study the Bible.  Families can talk about the day’s lesson on their way home from church.  Information about each week’s lesson is given in each Sunday’s bulletin.

Sixth and seventh graders use the “Grow” curriculum which is planned to be especially meaningful for middle schoolers and to help them develop a faith framework for their daily experiences and challenges.

Joyful Noise

Joyful Noise is a monthly program which gives Kindergarten through 3rd grade children the opportunity to sing and learn songs of faith.  They sing both traditional hymns and such old favorites as “Jesus Loves Me” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”.  Children also receive communion alternating between Presbyterian and Episcopalian traditions.

Mission Projects

There is a strong emphasis in our curriculum for encouraging our children to be givers and to serve others both within our church communities and in the larger world.

In the fall and the spring, each class makes small individualized gifts of good or crafts which are then gathered together from all the classes into gift bags.  These gift bags are then delivered by Church School families to 20 people within our two churches to let them know that we are thinking of them and giving them a smile.

In addition, Church School does two major collections each year for agencies that are supported by our Outreach Committee that have specific requests for items that they need.  For example, we have collected children’s clothing for the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport and food for both the Wilton and Norwalk Food Pantries.

Holiday Church School

On vacation weekends when attendance is low, we combine Kindergarten through 4th grades to offer a special “Godly Play” experience led by Sharon Pearson.  “Godly Play” is a Montessori-based approach to teaching children about faith which is very meaningful and involving for all ages.

Summer Church School

Every Sunday throughout the summer, there is a combined grade Church School class for all children from Pre K up through 4th grade.  Nursery care is also provided for children up to 3 years old.


Seekers Bible Study

4th graders meet before worship 3 Sundays each Fall.  Students learn about the history and literature of the Bible, and gain a deeper understanding of how Scripture relates to their daily lives.  All 4th graders receive their own Bible during a designated worship service surround by their church family.

Advent Calendars

Families can take part in a worship where they assemble unique Advent calendars which have an envelope for each day in Advent.  Each envelope holds a daily message and a treat.  Many families have found that this tradition has greatly enhanced their experience of Advent.

February “Festival of Children”

The Church School classes lead this special worship service with each grade level taking responsibility for a different part of the service.  By being leaders, our children learn more about worship.  The 6th/7th grade class presents a sermon/play.


During Lent, simple Lenten activity calendars and One Great Hour of Sharing mite boxes are given out.  The One Great Hour of Sharing is a special offering for denominational disaster assistance, programs to alleviate hunger, and for employment training.  This offering is received and dedicated at morning worship on Palm Sunday.

Good Friday Service for Children and Families

This is a special worship service planned for children which allows them to walk through the events of Holy Week and experience them in a unique manner.  For instance, they wash their hands to remember the way that Pilate washed his hands and visit a garden to remember the garden at Gethsemane.


Nursery (up to 3 years) and 3 year olds and Pre-K’s: 10 am to the end of worship

Kindergarten-7th grade: 10- 10:15 am children worship with their families.

10:15-10:50 Children in Church School and then they rejoin their families in worship

 Summer Church School

Every Sunday throughout the summer, there is a combined grade Church School class for all children up through 4th grade.  Nursery care is also provided for children up through 3 years old.

Sacrament Education

Sacrament education for 2nd graders occurs each Spring. Students gather before worship on three Sunday mornings to learn more about the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.

The program concludes with the 2nd grade participants baking bread for a Sunday morning communion service, and helping Elders to serve communion to the congregation.  


This year-long class (October through May) helps 8th graders explore and claim their own personal faith and prepares them to make a decision about confirming the promises that were made on their behalf at their baptism (or to be baptized as a part of their profession of faith).

Participants are required to attend Sunday morning worship at WPC throughout the year, participate in 20 hours of classes, complete a service/mission project of their own design, and visit other worship services such as a Catholic mass, a Jewish Shabbat service, and a prayer service at a mosque.

Each student chooses an adult mentor from the congregation, who helps them in the process of discerning what they believe about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Scripture, the Church, and the Presbyterian tradition.

At the conclusion of the program, each writes a personal statement of faith to share with the Session and with the congregation during worship on Confirmation Sunday.

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